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Main Water Line Replacement

Healthy pipes mean higher water pressure. If you’re navigating low water pressure issues, you may need a main water line replacement in Brampton. Older main water lines may be too small to handle the amount of water coming into your house, or they may have corrosion. In either case, it’s important to get a professional out to look at it and determine what your options are.

Main water line repairs and replacements include upgrading your existing lines to handle more water or work more efficiently. It may require relocating water meters, fixing frozen pipes, or changing your lead pipes to copper.

Your pipes are designed to decrease in size as they move farther into your house. The pressure at the main water line is too much to handle for the faucets inside. Your secondary water lines are intended to reduce the pressure accordingly and to deliver the appropriate amount of water to each faucet. They need to be working correctly to maintain excellent water flow and safety inside.

Experiencing Low Water Pressure or an Unusual Increase to Your Water Bill?

Low water pressure comes from several different sources. One source can be the faucet. If you have a clogged faucet head, you can remove the aerator screen and clean it out yourself. That is a simple, cheap, and fast fix. If you clean or replace the clogged pieces and it fixes your problem, you know you don’t have to do any further testing.

Another cause of low water pressure can be from rusted or sedimented pipes that have partial blockages due to corrosion. Blockages reduce the volume of water coming through the line. They also reduces the pressure of the water from the source. Pipe sizing can be updated, but if your issue is dirty pipes, they may need to be cleaned or replaced to improve your water pressure.

When sediment builds up in your water heater, it can reduce water flow over time. It’s important to drain your water heater every few months to remove that buildup. Lastly, if you’re experiencing low water pressure in conjunction with higher water bills, it’s time to check for leaks.

Main Waterline Replacement Price

Replacing water lines requires digging deep trenches to remove old pipes and install new ones. It costs between $50 and $250 per foot, depending on the length and depth of the line. It also requires zoning and compliance with city codes. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace your main water line.

Trenchless water line replacement doesn’t require digging but can still cost the same amount of money because of the complicated equipment involved. However, once complete, you don’t have to deal with costly landscaping repairs. Cost varies depending on the severity of the problem and the complexity of the solution. It also depends on the length and depth of the pipe.

Main Waterline Replacement Price

Trenchless water line replacement may be an excellent option for you if you don’t want the digging associated with traditional water supply line repair. It involves modern methods of construction, including pipe bursting, mechanical spot repair, and thermoformed pipe. It requires minimal excavation.

In some cases, a new liner can be pulled through the pipe and then expanded to fit and reinforce. It repairs or replaces old and damaged pipes with new piping that won’t tear up your yard. It can fix broken pipes and spot leaks as well as rehabilitate old pipes. It is generally a cost-effective solution over traditional methods.

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