Waterproofing and Drain Services

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the Brampton waterproofing and drain repair industry, we bring over 10 years of experience. Based in Brampton, On


Exterior Basement Waterproofing BRAMPTON

Our Brampton basement waterproofing work can keep your basement dry, fresh and safe after intense rainfall, cracks in basement foundation and clogged drain lines.

Backwater valve installation BRAMPTON

Backwater valves are designed to stop unpleasant and messy backflow from taking place. When you need a five-star backwater service, you can turn to us. Forget sewage headaches today.

Drain Repair BRAMPTON

If you notice unpleasant odors or sluggishness, then you may be due for our five-star drain repair services. We even give our customers access to prompt and efficient emergency drain repair work. If you have a time-sensitive drain dilemma on your hands, you know who to call.

Sump Pump Installation BRAMPTON

If you want to install your sump pump in a suitable and dependable manner, give us a shout. Our Brampton sump pump installation service is meticulous and thorough as can be.

UPR: A Basement WaterProofing and Drain Repair company

Are you searching for professional assistance with all kinds of plumbing matters anywhere in Brampton, Ontario? Call the UPR (Underground Plumbing Repair) team. We work with customers all over wonderful Brampton. We work with those in all nearby communities as well. Our company has been a force in the plumbing world for 10 fantastic years now. When you need drain repair and waterproofing work, we’re here for you.

Best Quality Guaranteed

We use the highest quality materials to guarantee top-notch waterproofing and drain repair service. We back up our service with a lifetime warranty.

24/7 Emergency Repairs

A leaky basement or burst water line can happen at any time. Call us for immediate assistance and consultation.

Industry Leaders for 10 Years

We have over 10 years experience waterproofing and providing drain repair services in Brampton.


UPR is a full-service waterproofing business that can delight you with A+ assistance with all kinds of issues that are on your radar. Our trained, prompt and exhaustive Brampton Waterproofers are plumbing wizards. If you want drain repair that’s comprehensive and reliable, we can aid you. If you are waterproofing assistance that can keep water damage out of your thoughts, we can assist you as well. Reach out to UPR as soon as you can to ask for a free consultation and quote.

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